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What is your favorite Japanese TV anime in 2019? “Psycho Pass” “RobiHachi” “Kemrikusa”?


Many TV animations were broadcast in 2019. Perhaps your heart was shaken every week by unexpected developments and powerful images.Anime! Anime! Then, we hold the annual general election for anime.
The questionnaire titled "What is your favorite TV anime?" Received 333 votes during the period from December 2 to December 13. The ratio of males and females is 42.3% for males and 57.7% for females. The age group was 34.8% until the age of 19, with many votes from teens. Next are 20 to 24 years old at 16.5% and 45 to 49 years old at 13.8%.

The first place is a social phenomenon, "Devil Blade"!

"Devil's Blade" (C) Yoyoharu Gotoge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable

The first prize was "Devil's Blade" . Collected about 20% support.
It is a dark fantasy that highlights the activities of Sumijiro, a fighter who bets on life in order to save his sister, Mameko Neko, who has become an oni, and a member of the demon hunting organization Demon Squadron. .“The drawing, character, and music were all number one!” Overseas fans also commented, "I look forward to the next episode every time when I have finished one.""Devil's Blade" which caused social phenomena, such as the total number of copies of the original comic published in 2019 exceeding "One Piece" and becoming the top. Theatrical version animation is also scheduled to be released in 2020, and it seems to be gaining momentum.
"Kemrikusa" (C) Yayorozu Kemriksa Project
The 2nd place o"Kemrikusa" . 
Support rate was about 13%. The highlights are the three sisters who survive in a ruined world surrounded by red mist, the interaction with a young man, and a mysterious story. In the questionnaire, comments such as "Because I'm a fan of Tatsuki director" and "I think the screenplay production music is the best anime of the year". It was a work in which Tatsuki's skill shines, including a story with hints and a world view that is not straightforward.
"RobiHachi" (C) Taiga Umatani / Dontsu Co., Ltd.
Third place is "RobiHachi". Support rate is about 5%.
The lobby and the unusual path of the hatch are drawn to the legendary planet, Isekandal, which will be happy if you go beyond the galaxy."I was laughing lightly at first, but I came to like it with each turn!", "It is a comedy, a robot animation, a love thing, and a parody work, and various elements are intricately intertwined You can watch it with a light feeling without worrying about it. "
It seems that the world view that can not be explained in a word and the attractive characters have gained popularity.
"PSYCHO-PASS Psycho-Pass 3" (C) Psycho-Pass Production Committee
PSYCHO-PASS 3 was also ranked third with about 5% support.
This is the third TV anime in a popular series depicting criminal confronting crime in a world dominated by the Sibula system that monitors the human soul.Some comments were received, such as "The work I have been waiting for a long time. The world view and characters are all interesting." "One hour per episode is new! The protagonists from 3 are also attractive."
Expectations for the sequel were quite high only in the popular series. It seems that the format that shows in one hour per episode has captured the hearts of the fans.

Introducing other comments!

"Carroll & Tuesday" (C) Bonds, Shinichiro Watanabe / Carroll & Tuesday Production Committee

Shinichiro Watanabe's latest work, "Carroll & Tuesday," states that "the production of music, which is at the heart of the story, is delicately drawn, and the actual singing scene was impressive and the goose bumps did not stop." Comments.
The music created by talented artists from around the world also attracted attention."How many kilos of dumbbells do you have? (C) 2019 Sandrovic Yabako, MAAM, Shogakukan / Silverman Jim"How many kilos of dumbbells do you have?"
Furthermore, the muscle training was an advanced animation," and "I just started going to the gym and it was not only interesting, but it was very useful."
It can be said that it was a practical work that acquired knowledge of nature and muscle training."Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Beast Front Babylonia-" (C) TYPE-MOON / FGO7 ANIME PROJECT"Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia-" is said to be "It's not an exaggeration to say that it was made for FGO fans! Thank you Babylonian staff ..." From fans who are playing the original game Thanks for the comment.
Stories and powerful images that faithfully reproduce the original have gained popularity."Dr.STONE" (C) U.S. Studio, Boichi / Shueisha, Dr.STONE Production Committee
Dr. STONE "The setting to confront science with a weapon in a world where civilization has been destroyed is very exciting. It is really interesting to mix the creativity created from 0 with the excitement of survival," said the uniqueness of science fantasy. Was evaluated.The top 20 include works of various genres, such as casual laughs and heavy fantasy. It would be interesting to look back on the unique 2019 TV anime based on the rankings.


Announce the top 10 ranking!

1st place "Devil's Blade"
2nd place "Kemrikusa ''
3rd place "RobiHachi ''
3rd place "PSYCHO-PASS Psycho-Pass 3"
5th place "Attack on Titan Season 3 Part. 2"
5th place "Bungo Stray Dogs (3rd season)"
5th place "Ensemble Stars!" 』
8th place "Kaguya-sama wants to tell you-the genius's love brainstorm-"
8th place "Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld
10th place "Fate / Grand Order -Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia-"

11th place  "Star Star Twinkle Precure
12th place  "Beyond Astra"
12th place  "Takagi-san 2
12th place "How many kilograms of dumbbell can you hold?
12th place  "My Hero Academia (4th)
16th place  "Kemono Friends 2
16th place  "Promise Neverland
16th place  "Given
16th place  "High school girl waste
16th place  "Town Cadzou  
(Response period: December 2-December 13, 2019)

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