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“Comic Market 97 Japan”A beautiful woman playing an active role in the game industry


Cosplay is one of Japan's most popular pop cultures, along with manga, anime, and games. The last major event of the year, “Comic Market 97,” is about to be held, and opportunities to see and hear cosplay-related information are likely to increase further. Meanwhile, two cosplayers who balance work and cosplay, close-ups to Yoruru and Toru. We asked them to share their thoughts on cosplay.

■ Cosplay is the edge and he changed his job to a game company. “Knowledge and experience gained through hobby became a weapon.” (According to)

 After graduating from college, he took a job in apparel sales and worked hard. Until then, he seemed to have been working on cosplay as "a hobby of his school days", but while working as a professional and pursuing work, "while working on cosplay" is a time of peace to himself. He realized that and resumed his activities.

 As I continued my activities, I was caught in the publicity of a certain game company, and I was asked to work as an official cosplayer and employee of our company. He says he has been working on a variety of tasks, from public relations and public relations work, to character costume design, to supervision of in-game event scenarios. Mr. Yoruru also said he never thought that he would be so deeply involved in the game industry, `` I feel a mysterious edge that cosplay activities are triggering and opening up new ways steadily. I do. "

 Indeed, the “margins of cosplay” have been greatly involved in real life, but these experiences have changed the way we think about cosplay. "I think there are many people who hide their cosplay activities from friends and employers, but I think it's a time when they can be used as weapons. At the same time, I submitted a portfolio of cosplay photos, and there is a high affinity between games and cosplay ... but a few years ago, cosplay would not be an appealing point in job hunting. I didn't think so, so I felt that the attitude of cosplay in the world was changing little by little, rather than my own way of thinking. "

■ Searching for a way to use English that he excels in “I want to convey the appeal of cosplay to people overseas” (Toru)

 Toru-san, on the other hand, has studied abroad in Canada and is a fluent English man. Originally, watching anime was one of his hobbies, but he was interested in cosplay as he saw the trend of Japanese works in the local area, and he started cosplay activities after returning to Japan. After graduating from university, he worked in consulting and was in charge of dealing with overseas clients, but just recently left his job to further improve his skills. He is starting to take new steps while planning his future plans.

 I asked her if there was no idea of ​​`` making cosplay work '' in the future plan, `` I think that people who focus on one cosplay and work on it are really amazing However, in my case, I am a type of person who wants to do various things at the same time rather than "focus on only one thing" in a problem before "can" or "can not". I don't think there's ever going to be a cosplay job and doing my best with it alone. "

 By the way, the Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2020, and it is expected that many foreign tourists will visit Japan. Even for those people, cosplay seems to be a very interesting culture, but do you want to make use of your English skills to appeal to your “cosplayers”?

 "I've been interested in such developments for a long time, and I have a lot of desire to try what I can do with my power. However, what cosplayers can appeal to is basically photography. If you have information, you can communicate mainly with photos, but if you want to send information to other people, what exactly should you appeal to? I plan to use the period to visit overseas cosplay events, so I'll see and hear various things and ask, "What can you say if you tell me in English? "I will explore it."

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