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[Comiket 97] International colors “Mado Magi” and “Rozen Maiden” overseas layers are becoming more popular each year.


Comic Market 97, the largest doujinshi sale event in Japan currently being held at Tokyo Big Sight. In recent years, it has attracted attention as a cosplay event, and a number of layers and galleries from around the world gather for cosplay purposes. Here, we introduce international women who reproduced popular characters from anime, manga, and games, which are now representative cultures in Japan.

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Lisa, who is from Taiwan and lives in Osaka, challenges the cosplay of Siesta 410, which appears in "Uminone no Koro Chronicles". Five years ago, he started cosplaying inspired by the Kagura of Gintama, and when he asked about the points of this cosplay, he answered in Japanese, mixed with katakato, that "makeup went well.

From “Rozen Maiden,” which showed a wide range of media developments including manga serialization and then TV animation, games, and doll products, Shinetsu and Mercury Lamp were the ones who challenged “combined” cosplay with Chinetsu and Tobari. "Comiket where like-minded people gather. It's the fifth time this time, but it's still fun."

Mogami who challenged Kazumi Mishima from "Tekken 7" is an international student from Thailand. He woke up to cosplay eight years ago and thought he wanted to wear Hatsune Miku's costume! Also, "I was suspended for a while, but I resumed cosplaying two months ago," said Airi, who was dressed as Madoka Kaname from "Magical Girl Madoka Magica". "I'm so cold because it's short-sleeved ..." she said in a trembling voice, but when asked about the appeal of the work, she said, "Even though many cute characters appear, the content is dark. The gap is irresistible." He gave me

Yayoi, who dressed as Mei Saotome of "Kakegurui", participated in Comiket for the fifth time. Combined with a dignified expression that makes you feel strong, and the twin tails of white skin and blonde hair, it truly embodies the character of Meari. "The appeal of 'Kakegurui' is that the cute girls are performing and crazy. I made it while doing it. "

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