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Japan anime " Comic Market 97 " "Gotsuha-chan" Haruhi Suzumiya's centripetal force


We will deliver a special cosplay feature of angry waves taken on the second day of the winter festival " Comic Market 97 " (C97).

in Reiwa ] The cosplayer Gotsuha-chan is from the masterpiece of the previous year " Haruhi Suzumiya " A heroine (not the main character) Haruhi cosplay.

Gotsuha-chan cosplay photo See the

model: Gotsuha-chan ( @ go6262 ) Photo: Diora ( @Diora_by_tot )

[C97] Gotsuha-chan cosplay photo

Gotsuha-chan's cosplay shows the sense of dynamism of Haruhi, a gunless gun. At the same time, I personally think that one side of her, including her sorrow, is well expressed.

The original was published in 2003, and TV anime broadcasts have been in 2006 and 2009, more than a decade later.

The first year of Reiwa is about to end, so it is also exciting to end the 2010s with Haruhi's cosplay. Good Haruhi. Juvenile and science fiction.



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